The “tablao” La Pacheca takes its name from the “Corral de comedias la Pacheca”, located in Madrid.
This stage was a pioneer in the 16th century, hosting the first documented performance in a comedy theatre.


Art and innovation are the roots that define the history of Corral de La Pacheca.
After years of success, Lauren Postigo chose this tablao to record the Spanish TV show “Cantares”, which featured the greatest representatives of Flamenco and Spanish song.


The beginning of the 20th century brought bout a social change, which modified the conception of art and national culture. The López family took over the management of the Corral de La Pacheca and began a period of discovery and learning in search of new ways of bringing Flamenco, its tradition and folklore to all publics.


This new era of the “tablao” La Pacheca returns creating synergies between the soul and tradition of flamenco and modernity; innovating with a concept that arrives in Barcelona to revolutionise art and gastronomy. An elegant and passionate expression of deep emotions that will leave nobody indifferent.


Discover our culinary proposal, both traditional and avant-garde, in an unforgettable experience.
A unique journey of flavors, which will delight your senses by the hand of our chef Víctor Lema and his team.


Imagine a hall where flamenco infuses every corner, where time stands still and feelings take hold of the artists, making each performance an unique and unforgettable moment...

Our scene is transformed into a temple that hosts the best artists, allowing them to be the vehicle for the passions and feelings of the past, which will enchant you through the melody of each “palo”, the vibration of each heel strike and the strength of their “quejío”.

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